Fathertime: When You Know What Time It Is.

When you know what’s going on, when it’s going down, and how to apply yourself in the situation at the most opportune time, then you know what time it is. Knowing what time it is can determine the outcome in your life for many things. Let’s take a step back into the basic simplicity of this concept of knowing what time it is. If I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday, but I didn’t make note of the time of the appointment, I have just effected the outcomes of many lives. I used this simple example so that you would get it quickly without much need of explanation: so you got it. Everything from wasting time, to missing your time, to having medical professionals ready to handle your special need, to robbing others in need of an appointment, and the list goes on and on just because you didn’t know the time. You were willing to be on time, your attitude to make your appointment was great, you had insurance along with your co-pay in hand, but you didn’t know what time the appointment was.

Let’s graduate from the simple to the more complex function of our faith walk in God. The best example of course is always one that involves Jesus. Even as a child, His parents had to know what time it was in order to save His life. This is what happens when you know what time it is. You can pack up, and get your family out of town before the soldiers show up at your door by decree to kill your son. You see, talking about tick tock time is one thing, but talking about the times that you need to meet with your life, is whole different thing. Also think about how Jesus responded to the Roman leaders after he had been betrayed, and turned over for them to determine if He should be put to death. Since Jesus knew what time it was, He was not going to fight the opportunity given to Him to fulfill His purpose for coming to earth in the first place. This was not about being innocent of the alleged crimes, but it was knowing what time it was. Jesus knew that He had walked this earth in patience waiting for this time to come. When you know what time it is, you know how to move into that time without letting the opportunity pass by you. You know, the Roman leaders may have let Jesus go if all of that anointing were to begin explaining how innocent He was of the crime. However, Jesus knew what time it was, and how He needed to act with that time.

How about us, the members of the Body of Christ, how are we to know what time it is? Jesus was not just any man, but He was a fine tuned Spiritual Son of God that was in sync with His Father’s movement. Well, there it is: you and I have to become better tuned spiritual sons of God in sync with Father’s movement so that we will know what time it is also. The other thing is our mindset, we have to begin to, as we say, take one for the team. We will not know the time if we make everything personal about ourselves. There will be many times when you have to unrightfully take the hit in order to keep you right in line with Father’s movements. Remember, we are not of this world, so we have to know what time it is so we will operate appropriately to receive our world results at the right time. Joseph didn’t do the wrong that he paid 13 years for, but in the world that we are from, those years were his door into his purpose. Yes, it is hard to decrease at the right time in order for the Father to increase, but it is the way of His world. This is why Father has made Himself accessible to us so that we can move into the opportunity when it presents itself. So look up at your word clock, and see what time it is. If you don’t see no action around you that connects to your word clock, your time is not yet at hand. Make sure that you continue to adjust to the situations in your life by using your fruit of the spirit. Learn how to produce all that you need to keep you on your word course. If the situation is trying your patience, produce more of it. The kingdom can produce more patience or any of the nine fruit until your change come. In our world, we don’t have natural time, but Father will move at the fastest paste for you not to miss the opportunity when it comes. So remember to forget (lol) about the natural ways, and always be ready to jump into your spiritual ways by knowing what time it is. It Is Fathertime!!

Stay Tune,

Adopted Son

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Fathertime: Your Soul To The Highest Bidder.

There are many bidders out there after your soul, but most are pretenders vs contenders for that covetous prize. The soul is the one place that contains the one thing that every contender is after, your free will. Your free will is the one thing that even God Himself will only receive from you by your choice, as oppose to by force or by demand. The other contenders will receive your free will any which way but loose, but usually through enticements to make you think it was your choice. God gave us our free will because He wanted us to Love Him as He Loves us freely. Think about it, would your cup be running over with joy, and happiness if your family only loved you because they were stuck with you? No, that would bring no joy and happiness to anyone. It especially does not make God happy to know that He has competition in that area, but He will not go back on His original desired design that we love Him back of our own free will.

There are many contenders that can provide a vast number of desired things that we think about at times, but the cost is always about more than just money. Money may answer all things, but money can’t buy all things. It especially can’t buy the ultimate peace, joy, and happiness that the soul yearns for once it becomes a member of the body of Christ. It is built that way on purpose. It’s much more pulling on you than a bag of Lays potato chip, but once you get that first taste and see, you will no longer be at peace with just one taste of it. The pull is so great on you because of the power of the unmatched family trade ingredient: for God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son; stop, and say no more. What other contender for your soul loves you so much that it is willing to give you its only begotten anything? The other contenders, and the list varies for each of us, only want from you what you can give to enhance their wants, needs, and desires. God only wants what He wanted from the beginning, and that is our unconditional love. We have nothing else that He needs except for the room to receive all the things that we want, that He’s been trying to give us from the start.

Now here is how the other contenders get game in this competition in the first place. They make offers to you that allow you to pay them in different ways. God, at the Father tier, only accepts payment by one method, and that is through the soul. Let’s say for example, a contender offering you a promotion, can give your soul a happy boost by giving you a much needed raise. And let’s say that your pay back method is to work 30 extra hours a pay period, attend more meetings, while doing this as a newly exempt employee: yippee! Now contender God can get you the promotion also, but if you don’t want all the extra hours, and extra meetings, then what are you going use to pay contender God? Right, your soul. The process with the soul is usually a little slower, but keep this in mind, He may not come when you want Him, but He will be there on time. Now again, you can see why the other contenders can get game: they can get you what they offer quicker, and although you are not really happy, you are doing it the way that most everybody else is doing it. You see, God at the Father tier, may need you to have more time for something that He needs time to set up first. The payment question is can your soul pay the price to wait? Your soul may see Billy move on with your promotion at that time, can you handle the wait for something better that contender God is almost done working out for you. There it goes again, that word almost worked out, the soul does not like that payment method. It wants to be driving that new beamer today, not next year as contender God may have in store working out for you.

Let’s finish this with some sports talk since the NBA playoffs are off and running. Here we go, defense wins championships, we see it over and over how a team can make a run just by shutting down the other team’s offense with greater defense. Well, to win this championship with God at the Father tier, you are going to have to shut down your will and replace it with His will: it’s the only way to win it. If not the other contenders will continue to run their game through you, and you will continue eating from their bag of chips until you replace that contender with another contender to do the same thing all over again. And let’s say for argument sakes that you are only accepting offers from contender God, but only at the “Word” tier. You will still have to step it up and play championship shut down my will relationship transition to execute the Father’s will to win. Listen, Jesus’ soul had its most anguishing time period when He had to put down His will in the garden to prepare for the Father tier transition. There was no more time for a “Word”, there were no more moves for the “Holy Ghost”, it was now that the time and season of the father was at hand: working it out was over. It was time for Jesus to die, and He did.

Fathertime is upon us now, and Father is looking for those willing to pay Him with their soul, and take the championship home! It’s Fathertime!

Stay Tune,
Adopted Son

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Fathertime: Relationship With God At The Father Tier.

Father is something when it comes to being in relationship with Him: He is really no respecter of person. He seems to care about how genuine, and loyal the principals in relationship are to each other. I think back to the beginning with Adam before God took a rib from the man to create the woman. There was no creature on the planet that resembled Adam, but God allowed him to check them out to see if a help meet could be found: no respecter of person for real. I know that whatever Adam, and God did received the stamp of “and God saw that it was good”; however, it turned out good for all of mankind that the initial search for a help meet did not receive that stamp: yeah, we are glad that God didn’t find any of the initial creation to be a good help meet for Adam. Lol.

I’m glad for our sakes that God gives us a chance to get to know Him before putting the higher expectation of our calling right on us. I can see God saying to us now, especially the Father tier of God, well if you are not going to be serious about your work, the stones will cry out and be serious for me: no respecter of person, right? Wow, it wouldn’t take God too long with many of us before He would be using the stones will cry out to me card. Do you remember back with Abraham, man, it seems like Abraham told a few people who were hanging out in his neighborhood that it was okay to join his country club? After this, God summoned Abraham about this new relationship: it is not good or God to run off making covenants that may affect God without God’s approval. It may get you a major temptation sent your way. The next thing that Abraham knew was that he and Isaac was off to offer up a sacrifice.

Here’s the point, especially for us Christians who are blessed to live in America. God takes His relationships with us very serious. Darn, even with Moses after all that he had done according to the will of God, the stones indeed would be the ones crying out to God in the promise land, and not Moses. Yeah, God is the same today, as He was way back then before there was a back in the day. What are we to do with this God? Well, we better do right, and keep that which is in our own power, in our own power until we are ready to promise it to Him. Once we tell God, especially the Father tier of God, that it is yours to do with as you please, He is not going to be concerned about what pleases you. If you are not ready for the Father tier level, and in need of the Father services, let Him be until you get ready because Father doesn’t play. He will give you the time that you need to step up to Him, but don’t do it prematurely. There is pressure in the Kingdom for sons that are ready, and in need of Father, but don’t let that pressure push you out on that limb too early.

In America, do we really need God to survive personally? I beg to differ. There are many atheist, and others who can show you natural success without ever calling on the name of Jesus. There are many Christians that proclaim God everyday, but their true relationship is with their degrees, and loyalty to their companies. To tell you the truth, a good education in America, and dedication to the job will put food on your table, and a roof over your head all by themselves. I know that there are educated people who are homeless in America, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you don’t have to know God to make it in America. So here’s the deal, you just really need to come to terms with the decision of how much you need God, want God, or just desire to have God in your life. You can accept Christ in your life, and make it to heaven without having to pull most of your needs from Kingdom resources. Your relationship with the Word tier of God, allows you to receive from God on that level, and pull your resources mostly from your natural supply on earth. That is the safest relationship with God, and requires the least from you. If you want to see more from God, and want to have more of your resources supplied from kingdom inventories, then your relationship with God will need to grow more with the Holy Ghost tier of God to work with more of God’s power. When you establish this relationship, more will be required of you. The Father tier of God is a relationship built, and based on your need to love the things of God fully: true allegiance to the Father as a son. This is not the place to play around with God. The only way to have relationship with Father is to be sold out to His will fully. So think about it because Father is calling those that need Him, but don’t answer the call until you are sure that you want to pay the price of relationship with Him. If He says speak to the rock, to the rock and to no one else will you speak: there is no, I slipped that time.

If nothing else, in American, we can find a way to make it!

It’s Fathertime!

Stay Tune,
Adopted Son.

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Fathertime: Work With Me Son: Spirit Man, Man Up.

John 5:19, Then answered Jesus and said unto them, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise”. We all know how busy God can be, right? He still holds the record by far for the most work ever done in a six day span. There are many experts who agree that this record will continue to stand throughout every life time from the beginning of creation until the return of Jesus. And what about before the return of Jesus? We know from the scriptures what Jesus would be doing if He was still here on this earth: Hebrews 13:8 tells us that Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever. So when Jesus was twelve years old He was about His Father’s business, when He was thirty years old He was about His Father’s business, and today at the right hand of Glory, He is about His Father’s business.

How can Jesus be about His Father’s business here on earth if He is no longer physically here on earth? Well the A-Team is not the only group that loves it when a plan comes together. The God-Team of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost also loves it when a plan comes together. The problem that the God-Team has is that its newly inducted members by way of salvation, just have not quite gotten up to speed with the rest of the team. The learning curve for the body of Christ to produce sons to man up, and work with the Father as Jesus did has not progressed as fast as the God-Team expected. The plan was, and still is for the adopted-sons from the body of Christ to man up, and finish the work with the Father as did Jesus. Jesus came here to pay the price for us to have life, and to have it more abundantly. The Father needs more of His sons to work with Him in order for the plan to come together. Listen, as busy as God is by His spiritual nature, you have to know that His inventory warehouses are about to just run over. We adopted sons can not bring to pass God’s plans within ourselves: we may bring to pass something, but it’s not the intended plan without the involvement of the Father.

Jesus said it Himself in John 14:12, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father”. So Jesus expects us to pick up and do the works that He did, and greater works will the adopted-son do that believe on Jesus. Father wants to see the work that He is doing in the spirit being done by us here on earth in bodily form. What are you seeing the Father do? Now you do it with Him as He does it: It’s Fathertime! Don’t be afraid of what you see: man up. The God-Team will guide you every step of the way. Now take the “Word” that you are working on, keep your eyes on it. When you see physical things that match your word, the plan is coming together. Then watch that “word” begin to move toward the goal. Anytime you see movement, go in bodily form and valet the movement of that word in the right direction in your bodily form. This is how you take the things that are the substance of what you hope for, and help bring them to the place of manifestation. Then continue to keep your eyes on it to see what Father is going to do to finish it up. Now when you see the substance hope for move into ready position, you know that Father needs your body to go and complete the deal of the activity that you have seen Him finish. You are a son at this time manning up to complete in bodily form what you saw your Father move into position in His spiritual form!
It’s Fathertime! Sons, Man up.

Stay Tune,

Adopted Son!

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Fathertime: For God So Loved The World That He Finished It Again And Again,,,.

In the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God began moving until six days later the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. Then years and generations later God found Himself still trying everything to show the world how much He loved it. He had put Adam and Eve in a self-producing garden that supplied all of their needs; He had given the people prophets, judges, and a King because of their on asking to rule over them; He had Noah to build an ark to save mankind from being totally washed out (lol) because of the evil of men; He sent the Patriarchs of faith including Jacob with his seed bearing descendants; He sent Moses to deliver those from over 400 years of captivity; and He gave them the law that allowed them to offer up sacrifices for their sins. Theses ae only a few of the major things that God did to show His love, and the list can go on and on.

We all know how the attempts over all those years went down. God had to finally bring to pass the final attempt that He knew would satisfy Himself once and for all. He sent His only begotten Son to finish it again. Time has proven over, and over again that the only weapon of success against the ways of evil in the world is one from out of this world. God took His perfect word, and sent it to us as flesh in the body of our Savior Jesus. This is why we need Father so much in our lives today: He is the only one that can do what no other one can do in order to finish the things that we start. It is a part of the God head make-up that is only in the power of the Father to authorize. The “Word” couldn’t send the Son because the “Word” became the Son. The “Holy Ghost” couldn’t send the Son because the “Holy Ghost” had to move on Mary to bring the miracle of her pregnancy to pass. No, only the Father who holds the times and the seasons of all things in His power could have sent Jesus to finished it.

So Father will sit there in patience while we put everything else to the test, and He will be ready to finish it for us again once we are ready. Are you ready for Father-time so that Father can finish your “word” again? Father is ready for you to be ready. I know that you have been standing on your word patiently, but it has not been made flesh for you yet. Yes, I know your “word” came to you from God, no doubt, but that word is still a work in progress for some reason. And it is not because the power of the “Holy Ghost” is not there to move on it as it did on the “word” given to Mary concerning the birth of Jesus: the “word” did manifest into the natural as flesh. Yep, the “Holy Ghost” is there ready and willing to move all the way for you. Let’s say that you also have seen movement on your “word.” And as Mary knew that it was happening because she could feel and see changes, are you feeling, and seeing the changes to let you know that your “word” is alive and well also? Jesus once said that you should be able to tell that the rain is coming before it actually gets to where you are. Who did Mary talk to about her “word” when she first got it? It worked out good for her because no one would have believed her anyway outside of Joseph: so she avoided battling a lot of doubt and disbelief. Who are you talking to, and sharing about your word? How is you soul handling the conversation? That is the other thing about Mary, she had kept her soul free of guilt. Late in the midnight hour there was no conflict in her soul: all of her emotions, mind, and will know the source which cometh her pregnancy. Late in the midnight hour is your soul sure of the source that cometh your “word”? When Father knocks on your soul’s door for delivery of the flesh of your word, what source names will Father see on your soul’s cry out to log list? Who do you really call? It’s Father-time! Let Father finish your “word” for you again!

Stay Tune,

Adopted Son

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Fathertime: This Was Suppose To Be A Walk In The Garden.

How is life treating you in the good old garden of the USA or whatever name your garden goes by to identify itself. Are you able to live a good prosperous life just by dressing and keeping up the area that supports your ability to function your life every day? I tell you, it’s not as simple as it sounded back then when God laid it all out for the first two lab rats to try out life in the first garden. I mean for me, just dressing and keeping up my garden without doing much more will definitely get me kicked out of it, and no sin due to being disobedient is required for that to happen. How about you, will just dressing it and keeping it up work for you? Then it hit me that living in the garden now is exactly the same as it was in the first garden except for one thing. In the first garden everything that they needed just grew up right before them: it was all there at their feet to just pick it as they needed it. Then after the sin, we had to grow upward in life to get what we needed: everything that we needed was no longer all at our feet to just pick it up as we needed it. Yeah, now we not only have to grow upward in life to get it, we even have to go out from our lives to get it. Many people have to go out of their countries, states, cities, or move to another neighborhood just to get enough of what is needed to function their life. The garden is still there somewhere, but it’s similar to playing hide and seek: you have to grow up and then you have to go find yours.

In nowadays the terms dress it and keep it still carry the same meaning as they did back in the first garden, but the complexity of their meaning covers much more than the original lab rats could have ever imagine. You can’t just walk up and remove some wild running grass, and then meet the CEO for lunch with a walk afterwards in the cool of the garden. There may be plenty of opportunities to pull up some wild grass to survive on your way to your garden, but your best chance of having lunch with a CEO may be by brown bagging it in front of a television while watching the news. Boy did they have it good in the first garden: you know having the ear of the CEO of the universe calling out your name as soon as you went missing. Anyway, life can still be a walk in the garden, but you now have to help work things out through trial, through error, through the learning curve, and most importantly through your intent to succeed. I know that Jesus has already come so that we may have life more abundantly, but you are not going to see that abundance without a plan to get you there. You will end up being a big part of others reaping abundance because of the years that you put into dressing and keeping up their gardens. It is now time for you to put some new intent into dressing and keeping your own garden. It is time for you to operate under management: it is Fathertime!

Here is the complexity of the thing, you can’t fire your present life right on the spot. You have to work, and plan this thing out. However, you are bringing in the original founder of the Garden to show you how to bring your garden to pass. However, even with father at the helm, a speeding train going in the wrong direction has to be allowed to slow down and stop before you just throw it into reverse. The good news is that a lot of the work that you’ve done for others in their garden, will be transferable to your new garden for you to get credit for your time spent. Your new manager knows how to redeem the time better than anyone ever. Here’s what Father needs you to do to get the train to slow down to a stop. Continue to fuel the train where you are to run its daily course, but stop hoping that some manager or supervisor at that train depot got your back. Stop feeding them all of your hopes in that the next big opening is all lined up for you. Here’s what you’re going to do. Since you are now operating under the new management of Father, you are going to feed all of your hopes of getting that next big opening only to Him. You will do what you now do to the best of your ability as you always have, but the difference is that you are taking the fuel of hope away from that train speeding in the wrong direction. You see, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen: you been operating under the wrong concept. You along with so many have been hoping for some CEO to provide you an opening that can only be given to so many: that CEO just can’t provide all of that to everyone. This is why your garden still has the evidence of not enough things seen after you have been hoping for so long, so wrong. Here it is in a nut shell: change what you put your hope in, or your faith is an exercise in futility: not enough evidence in the garden. You can keep your current life and find your garden, but the one thing that you can’t keep doing is having your faith in the CEO of everything in the universe while placing all your hope in the CEOs of not enough for everyone no matter how hard they try. It’s like making a sales call, and you spend an hour trying to sell the screen. There will be no faith evidence of a sale there no matter how much hope you place in that very nice person: you have to talk to the decision maker, and then leave your hope at that door. Placing your hope in the one that does not carry the authority over your life will leave you with not enough evidence.

It’s Fathertime.

Stay Tune.

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Fathertime: There Is No Light Through The Pile.

So you want to show responsibility for laying that big heap of life on top of each other one layer at a time? That would be mighty noble of you if that was indeed the rationale behind your continuous efforts that are making the pile even bigger. Let’s face it, the pile is there in the first place because we thought that the decisions being made were best at the time. However, we were probably better at being young and foolish than we were at being better at making the right decisions consistently earlier in life. I hear the not so young, say people in their mid-thirties to mid-forties, say it all the time, “if I had just listened a little more when I was much younger.” They would continue with “I thought I knew it all at twenty-five, but man I was as lost as could be, and to make it worst I was lost with other people listening to my every word.” Yeah, that’s how the pile gets started, and then before you know it, there is this big heap of bad life all piled up right in front of you. The one thing that we all seem to learn too late is this, “decisions made that affect your life, whether you made all of them personally or not, get you what you got.

Let’s pretend that we just finished the Masters Golf tournament on this past Sunday, and the reporter asked you the question that he asked to the 2nd place finisher Justin Rose. If you had one shot that you could do over, which shot would it be? Justin said probably one at the 17th hole where his bogey tied the tournament with one hole remaining. Since I watched all eighteen holes of his round, there were a few other places that he would do better if he could do them again. Here’s my point, the end result is not caused by just one action, but it is caused by a layer of actions. One of the many great things that He said was that He looked forward to his opportunities in the future to win the Masters. He’s was already looking forward to the new decisions to come, and not backwards at the layer that he just left from those past decisions. So what decisions would you change if you could? Stop it, don’t answer that question. I asked it to help kick-start you away from adding more to that pile already in front of you. There is no light through the pile already build up. You don’t need to figure out how to fix the pile from the past. You need to forget fixing the decisions from the past because that is how you continue to add layers to the big pile already in front of you. Look forward to your new opportunities in front of you, and make sure you go down the new path with the new decisions.

It is not as easy as it sounds to just go down the new path. There are so many connections, and bondage from the past that follow you wherever you go. This is where you need the strength to pay the price to go down the new path where there is light all the way. Now in this little older version of your same self, closed the opening that leads through the old pile of life: there is no light at the end because there is no end to the pile from the past until you make the decision to end it. You need a new opening, and Father is just waiting to give it to you. What is it that He wants to provide for you? He wants to give you the strength to break free from your decisions’ pattern that have given you this big pile of life with no light at the end. It takes strength to stand and flow against the tide of so many years of thinking one way. Father also wants to provide the new path that has escaped you for so many years, and given you the big pile of life without a light at the end. Let’s do this thing together. When that next decision comes that you dread so much, don’t dread it, just don’t add it to the pile: take a detour into the path with the light, and don’t look back. Father is a little bit down that path waiting for you. He’s just giving your faith time to take the credit for your actions: it takes faith to please Father!

See you soon! It’s Fathertime!

Adopted Son,

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