Fathertime: Bring It To Pass Worksheets!

I have spent over two decades acquiring the spiritual skill to develop this worksheet.  It was important to make the work sheet simple to follow while keeping the spiritual complexities intact.  It is a must have for any Christian looking to become proficient in walking in the Fullness of the Godhead in bodily form.  It is indeed a skill to take a word received from God, and walk it out to maturity.  This is something that we as Christians must be able to do confidently in our day to day walk.  You would save so much time, and eliminate so much frustration by improving your skill level in this area.  I know we all have stood the patience test, and experienced promises that we believe, or have desires of our hearts hoped for come to pass.  A lot of this happened by default, or by hit and miss: in other words chance happens to us all more than we would like.  What if you could be in the right place every step of the way while Father finished your word, and brought it to pass?

Here is your chance to see your way through by using the eyes of your faith.   Oh, you didn’t know that your faith could show you the pathway through its eyes?  So you get a word or promise, what do you do with it?  The work sheet will guide you through: it will show you what’s next each step of the way! Wow, that would be so nice, wouldn’t it?  To know through the eyes of faith what I should be doing now as well as next.

Send for your worksheet at the following address:

JF Funding, c/o James Flowers, 11041 Santa Monica Blvd., PMB 549, Los Angeles, CA  90025.

Include any investment amount in my work of your choosing.  The sheets will produce a return to you time, and time again.  Feel free to make as many copies of the work sheet as you desire.  You don’t ever have to invest in another work sheet again: what a blessing.  If chose not to send an investment amount in my work, send for the sheets anyway: I will still send you the worksheet.  The investment is more for you than for me.  You see, a good investment commands a good return.  It’s just the rules of the spiritual game.

Send me an email reply on the day you mail your request for your worksheet.  I want to start putting your faith in motion even before I receive your letter: mailing the letter just activates more faith, and makes the flesh surrender to the task.

James Flowers

Adopted Son

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