Father: Take Our Hope From The Dock Out Into The Faith Substance Current.

Many of us are sitting on a hope mine, and it is growing bigger day by day. There are many things in which we hope for, and we are still waiting to see them come to pass. I know that in the Bible there are quite a few instances where people died without ever seeing any of their hope mine come to pass; however, today is not that day. We will have some hope that may not come to pass, but it should at least be in the process getting closer to coming to pass as long as we are living, believing, and with faith. We now know the answer to Jesus question concerning being a faithless generation to bring to pass whatever the thing is that we hoped for: Matthew 17:16-17, “And I brought him to thy disciples, and they could not cure him. 17 Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? bring him hither to me.” Even in verse 16 stated here, we can see some of the faith mine in which the disciples had begin to grow by not being able to cure the man’s son; nonetheless, the day of Pentecost would be arriving at the appointed time to bring an end to the faithless generation: and once the Apostles, especially Peter, received the promise of power, he was off and running with big time diminishing of his hope mine. Yes, the day of the faithless generation is no longer a day in which we have to endure. We the members of the body of Christ all have access to the power of God to where we no longer have to sit and watch unto death our hope mines just grow and grow without being able to have what we hope for. Now that the Holy Ghost had fallen, we have the power faith to bring to pass the Word of hope, and have it manifest for our use now. Take Our Hope From The Dock Out Into The Faith Substance Current.

There is one thing for us to do now that we have the faith power to believe without doubt in order to bring to pass that which we hope for. We need to not act as though we are still faithless, or without the power to do, for we now are endued with the power that we need to walk in the Word. We need to take our hope from sitting on the dock waiting to come to pass, and put it out into the faith substance current where we can work with the Holy Ghost to bring our hope to pass. The Apostle Paul lets us know that we must work our faith to know that our faith is at work: James 2:18, “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” We have to take our faith out from the dock, and put it to work with the current of the faith substances. It is our faith that gets our hope started to be processed into the thing we hoped because we put it out there. If we don’t put our hope out there, it becomes the same as not having the power to do what we hope for; and we do now have the power to do what we hope for. I was reading the definition of an ocean current as stated by Wikipedia, and I realized that if I replaced “ocean current” with “faith substance current,” that the definition would be a fit for “faith substance current.” Here is the definition of an ocean current: it is a continuous, directed movement of sea water generated by a number of forces acting upon the water, including wind, the Coriolis effect, breaking waves, cabbeling, and temperature and salinity differences. Now lets use the same definition with name changes to describe faith substance current: it is a continuous, directed movement of faith substance generated by a number of forces acting upon the substance, including emotions, the will effect, breaking thoughts, power faith, and spirit and truth levels to bear. When we put our hope out to the faith substance current, we have to know that a direct movement of faith substances will continue to come by the Word as long as we keep our hope alive. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, so as long as we keep our hope alive, the Word that we are standing on will continue to generate the substances to come our way to bring to pass the things hope for. Now that we are no longer a faithless generation, we have the power to do what we need to do; therefore, let’s go do what we need to do: Take Our Hope From The Dock Out Into The Faith Substance Current.

The Father Still Does Love To Do The Body Good.

Adopted son,

About Adopted son

I went right to college after high school, and earned my B.S. in Business and Commerce with a major in Marketing Research. While I have worked in the Business world most of my life, I was also spending much time growing, maturing, and developing in the Godhead within the Body of Christ. I founded, established and operated in the evenings a Christian based leadership, and Godhead fulfillment consulting group. I also served for years as a leader on the Church board, and ministry staff. My time in ministry with the Full Gospel Business Men, as well as my other engagements, allowed me to see how people of like faith can receive different results in the word depending on the faith activity in which the individual person believes. There are many options of faith substance made available to us in a faith operation, and we need to move into the faith substance in which we believe in accordance with the word of God in which we are standing. My current and long time ongoing mission is to highlight the greatness of my "Heavenly Father," and the mighty power that He has given to His sons and daughters to use here on earth as they move to fulfill the Godhead. We the members of the Body of Christ leave much of our hundred fold on the table simply because we don't fulfill the Godhead unto the Father. Once we take the Word to full faith, it is not over. So let's go for the greater fold, and fulfill the Godhead. And to be a Global Resource Director, I can afford to leave no fold on the table. Adopted son,
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