Father: How To Stick With The Early Truth Of Father?

It’s not at all that easy to stick with the early truth of Father. The Father himself is also in the process of knowing what it is that he can count on us to do at this time. In this spiritual business, you don’t know about the other person until you can say the finishing words: Now I Know. Father can go one minute with one person promising the world to the one that created it, and then turn around just a short time later to find out that the same person can’t keep the cock from crowing three times. Jesus knew those that labor amongst him, but he still had to let things play out, and run their course. So just know that once you have received the early truth of Father, it will need to play out and run its course. Then you will need only to dress it, and to keep it in order for the Father to say, “Now I Know.”

So what is the early truth of Father? It is simply the reply of the Father to the request made known to him by you. Once you go to the Father to give him your request, he in return will give you something back. It is not the answer to your request, but it is the early truth that can lead you to the answer of your request. The early truth is loaded with all the ingredients that a growing member of the body of Christ will need to bring to pass all that which is hoped for. lol. I couldn’t help my self with the growing member! So why is it called the early truth? It is early because all that the Father has sent back to you at this moment is your unrealized answer. This Word from God sent back to you is called the truth because it will only go forth into full faith substance according to the Will of the Father. It will only bring to pass his answer to your request if you are willing to stick with the early truth through the end. If you do not receive, and stick with the early truth, or the Word of God, sent back to you, you will not receive the answer in which Father has for you. You may receive something of an answer, but it will not be the answer in which he had in store for you. And since we know that faith can come from many things, why does the scripture specifically tell us to hear the faith that comes with the word of God? Romans 10:17, “ So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” The reason the scripture tells us to use the faith heard by the Word of God is one: the Word of God is true only to the thing that you hope for according to the Will of God. It will not bring you faith that will move you toward anything other than the thing you hoped for: it is your early truth to make sure that you only go down the path toward that which you hope for, period. The Father does not want you receiving something of an answer, but he wants you to receive the answer in which he has just for you. When it comes to the early truth, you don’t have to understand it yet to know that you are going right. You just have to understand that it is the Word of God, and know that as you go along in all your getting, you are already getting understanding. And two, the faith that comes by hearing the Word of God, is faith that moves you to bring to pass that which you hope for. When you take the faith that comes by the Word, you are taking the faith that comes from the architect of everything made that was made: John 1:1 & 3, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” So when you have the faith from the Word, you are dressed in that which wants to move you to bring to pass that which you hoped for. No other faith has done it better than the faith that comes by the Word unto you, to dress in and to keep the Hope alive of the early truth. How To Stick With The Early Truth Of Father? Now I Know.

So How To Stick With The Early Truth Of Father? Once you make your request known unto the Father, you then will receive the early truth back to stand on in the form of the Word of God. This early truth can come to you in a couple of ways after your request has been made into God: it will be from the written Word or it well be from a revealed Word. It does not matter how you are lead to receive the early truth reply concerning your request as long as you received it of God. Once you have the Word as your reply to your request, you will then begin to watch for faith substance to move on in order to begin the process of bringing to pass that which you hoped for. Always stick to that early truth to keep your trust strong in order to make a move in faith when the time comes. Here’s why you must stick to the early truth, the Word of God, given to you after your request was made known to Father. That Word is going to start to change, or be taken to full faith, by your movements on any faith substance that will be showing up in your midst. So when we began to take the Word of God, the early truth, from its comparable caterpillar stage, and into full faith toward its comparable butterfly stage; the only understanding that we may have is knowing that we started on the truth. You stick with the early truth by trusting what you know: you know that the truth to that in which your request was made known will be the only faith substance in which the Word will produce as you move it to full faith. This Word or early truth will not link you to anything except to that in which you hoped for. This is what you know, this is what you trust, and for now, this is all you will have to give to your understanding. Many members lose it here because they fail to get the only understanding given: the Word is truth, and will only produce faith substance that will help bring to pass that which I hoped for according to the Will of the Father concerning me. Therefore, if I see a substance in my midst that has no link to my early truth, I must produce patience, or tolerance, or which ever fruit be needed at that time, and let it just sail on by me. I am anxious for nothing, and I know that the substance needed is on the way. So This is How To Stick With The Early Truth Of Father? Yes It Is. Now I Know.

The Father Still Does Love To Do The Body Good.

Adopted son,

About Adopted son

I went right to college after high school, and earned my B.S. in Business and Commerce with a major in Marketing Research. While I have worked in the Business world most of my life, I was also spending much time growing, maturing, and developing in the Godhead within the Body of Christ. I founded, established and operated in the evenings a Christian based leadership, and Godhead fulfillment consulting group. I also served for years as a leader on the Church board, and ministry staff. My time in ministry with the Full Gospel Business Men, as well as my other engagements, allowed me to see how people of like faith can receive different results in the word depending on the faith activity in which the individual person believes. There are many options of faith substance made available to us in a faith operation, and we need to move into the faith substance in which we believe in accordance with the word of God in which we are standing. My current and long time ongoing mission is to highlight the greatness of my "Heavenly Father," and the mighty power that He has given to His sons and daughters to use here on earth as they move to fulfill the Godhead. We the members of the Body of Christ leave much of our hundred fold on the table simply because we don't fulfill the Godhead unto the Father. Once we take the Word to full faith, it is not over. So let's go for the greater fold, and fulfill the Godhead. And to be a Global Resource Director, I can afford to leave no fold on the table. Adopted son,
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