Fathertime: They See, But Don’t Say, Because You Sees. And You See, But Don’t Say, Because God Sees.

We all know how dangerous it can be while driving to make a turn without first making sure that no one is in your blind spot: there is a sight that you can’t view from just looking through all the view mirrors so naturally. If it is a left turn you want to take for example, one way is to lean up and look through the side view mirror to have the sight angle to view your blind spot. Now you can see if another car is there before making the turn into the lane, and possibly crashing into another car. We treat the people in our lives in a similar way, and it is does not leave us with healthy relationships when we mistreat or take advantage of someone in our blind spot. We all have or have had someone who took advantage of us or mistreated us while we were in their blind spot. The persons mistreated or taken advantage of would find themselves in a position to take on a deed, chore, assignment, presentation, picnic clean-up, food preparation, pay your car note, baby sit, over sit, and on and on does this list go into infinity; and everyone of these persons will find themselves taking on this thing of the list of infinity only because the persons doing the mistreatment, chose to put the mistreated person in their blind spot. In other words, the persons doing the mistreating knew that the thing of the list was their responsibility to do, but they decided to leave it in their blind spot, and go ahead to treat the person as though they didn’t see their responsibility. If the person leaves the responsibility in their blind spot, and don’t say they see it, then it is left for the other person to see it, and deal with it. They knew that the responsibility was there for them to do, and when they see that you are there to see the responsibility, they don’t say, because you sees it to do it.

So how is the person that has been taken advantage of suppose to respond to this unfair treatment? And this will not have been the first time that the responsibility has been left in the blind spot, as to say that I wasn’t aware that it was there. The person left to deal with the responsibility will usually see it, and deal with it a time or two with the hope that it will be dealt with next time by the person. In my experience dealing with people who will leave their responsibility in their blind spot for someone else to unfairly deal with, you can see it coming and say something to the person in order for them to deal with what is theirs to deal with. However, when someone is willing to mistreat another in that manner, there is a deeper issue at hand. And if the mistreated person is willing to work with God to deal with the person in a manner that only God can do, then the Father will give the person working with him a certain blindness to not see what only the Father would see, while still seeing it: And You See, But Don’t Say, Because God Sees. If a person has an issue, then it will take the Father sometime to position the person to receive the help needed, so the person working with the Father will need to be trusted by the Father to see even more from the person’s blind spot, but don’t say, because God sees. The Father is willing to include those in special operations where there is need of a body to manifest God, but not another brain to mess up the operation. And it is a special thing when the Father can let you see more of the other person’s unfair treatment in the blind spot, and trust you not to say anything, because you now know that God sees. And the reason I interchange using God and Father in this example is because of two reasons: one is that the Father is the chair or the Godhead of the operation; and two, for the person with the issue to get the help needed, the process will go through the fulness of God: Word (Son), Power (Holy Ghost), and Will (Father). There is the one unified God, but if you know where you are in the fulness of God at each step, you will know how to work with the Godhead doing the work at that moment. For example, if the Word is coming forth, then you know to look for faith substance to match it during the process; and if someone gets sick, or run into a lack of finances, then you know to look for movement by the Holy Ghost; and if you need insight or change in the operation, then we know to have patience for the Father to release change. So when you reach next level operation in the Father, you already know to keep as much in house as possible to get the best return from God: we want to keep man out of God’s operation as much as possible if you can bear what God needs to do. Therefore, when I am left in a blind spot to handle the responsibility, especially with family and friends, I do keep what I see in house: And I See, But Don’t Say, Because God Sees.

The Father Still Does Love To Do The Body Good.

Adopted son,

About Adopted son

I graduated from college some moons ago. I worked in the business world most of my life. I founded, established and operated in the evenings a Christian based leadership and special tactics consulting group. I also served for years as a leader in the Church which allowed me to see how people of like faith can receive different results depending on what the individual person believes. However, my current and ongoing mission is to highlight the greatness of my "Heavenly Father's" mighty power that He has given to His sons and daughters to use here on earth. I should be one to share on this power since I have learned of it through the experience of my many mistakes, trials and tribulations. Whether by default, learned behavior or by acquired faith, I was allowed to know of this power first hand so that I could speak of it! Adopted son and Number 1 Fan of Father
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