Fathertime: The Father Is The Dean Of Your Kingdom Education.

The Father is in no way shape, form, or fashion like any University Dean that you have ever met. Oh forgive my assumption, let me ask before I assume: did you all ever even meet your University’s Dean? I think that I may have laid eyes on mine a time or two, but I can’t remember if I actually met the senior Dean or the Dean of the Business school in which I received my degree. I know that Deans of all levels are very busy, and important people trying to always improve the educational experience of their people according to the goals of each school. This is where the Father differs as the Dean of our Kingdom education. The school of business will require me to compete against all others students, at my school as well as from other business schools, around the country. The Kingdom education will only require that I compete against myself with a curriculum that competes against the curriculums of no other. My Dean of Kingdom education drew me to be under his guidance by developing a program just for me, to be successful only by me. And the great thing about entering into the kingdom programs, it has the most diverse line-up of curriculums that the world schools have not ever seen. I believe that the single most beneficial difference between the Kingdom Dean, and all the other great Deans of the World’s schools is that building a close relationship with the Dean of Kingdom education is a must if you desire to receive your Degree in victories.

Yes, the Father will take you out into the field to learn with him by receiving on the job training. And of course, learning from the Kingdom where education is of such magnitude, there are a host of staff members there available, twenty-four seven, just to meet its members needs. The kingdom does have its distinguished Spiritual body of Angels still on call for the Dean when special needs are in process. The Kingdom really owes the bulk of the ground work that builds up student members in maturity and development to the staff of gifted, and anointed members of the five-fold ministry. They will take a new convert member accepted into the Kingdom’s program, and put them on the fast track to a degree in victories. The kingdom staff is so vast, that I will just leave it at that for now as eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what the Kingdom education staff has instore for all who are enrolled. We can always go back to the very first student as his expression of how the moment is when the member student gets to work with the Dean himself: yeah, the Dean will take you out of true Bible assimilations, and put you into real life battle assimilations. This lets the Dean know how you will respond on the job while you take on the conditions that you will need to know to receive your degree in victories. John 5:16-17, “And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the sabbath day. 17) But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” The big take away from working in the field with the Dean is that when he worketh it, so shall you worketh too. The Father will get full knowledge of how you are in the field, and he will find out if he can say about you, “Now I Know” that this member student is ready to receive the Degree in victories from the Kingdom education school.

On the next level studies, you will learn with the Dean, the Father, to integrate your natural, and his spiritual as one in order to support each other. Once the Father knows that you will stand, and keep standing no matter what, he will assist you in agreement raising your pay grade to unlimited levels. Once you are able to agree in the earth as two, with the Spiritual Father as being your other one, there will be no limits to what can be achieved in the Father realm. John 8:16-18, “And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me. 17) It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true. 18) I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.” The Father will bear witness of you, if you will bear witness of him without doubt. Matthew 18:19, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” There will come a time when there is no one on earth that can agree with you. Will this leave you stuck in the mud? No, Jesus shows in John 8:16-18 above that he was not alone, and that the Father who sent him, beareth witness of him. Do you think that Abraham would have gotten agreement from Sarah to offer Isaac as a sacrifice? Yeah right, she laughed at the prospect of having a baby, let alone being able to let one go. I have had times when there was the Father only to agree with me, and that was all that I needed. So there is much out there in the Kingdom education that the Dean is willing to show you, if you are willing to be shown.

The Father Still Does Love to Do The Body Good!

Adopted son,

About Adopted son

I went right to college after high school, and earned my B.S. in Business and Commerce with a major in Marketing Research. While I have worked in the Business world most of my life, I was also spending much time growing, maturing, and developing in the Godhead within the Body of Christ. I founded, established and operated in the evenings a Christian based leadership, and Godhead fulfillment consulting group. I also served for years as a leader on the Church board, and ministry staff. My time in ministry with the Full Gospel Business Men, as well as my other engagements, allowed me to see how people of like faith can receive different results in the word depending on the faith activity in which the individual person believes. There are many options of faith substance made available to us in a faith operation, and we need to move into the faith substance in which we believe in accordance with the word of God in which we are standing. My current and long time ongoing mission is to highlight the greatness of my "Heavenly Father," and the mighty power that He has given to His sons and daughters to use here on earth as they move to fulfill the Godhead. We the members of the Body of Christ leave much of our hundred fold on the table simply because we don't fulfill the Godhead unto the Father. Once we take the Word to full faith, it is not over. So let's go for the greater fold, and fulfill the Godhead. And to be a Global Resource Director, I can afford to leave no fold on the table. Adopted son,
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