Fathertime: Your Soul To The Highest Bidder.

There are many bidders out there after your soul, but most are pretenders vs contenders for that covetous prize. The soul is the one place that contains the one thing that every contender is after, your free will. Your free will is the one thing that even God Himself will only receive from you by your choice, as oppose to by force or by demand. The other contenders will receive your free will any which way but loose, but usually through enticements to make you think it was your choice. God gave us our free will because He wanted us to Love Him as He Loves us freely. Think about it, would your cup be running over with joy, and happiness if your family only loved you because they were stuck with you? No, that would bring no joy and happiness to anyone. It especially does not make God happy to know that He has competition in that area, but He will not go back on His original desired design that we love Him back of our own free will.

There are many contenders that can provide a vast number of desired things that we think about at times, but the cost is always about more than just money. Money may answer all things, but money can’t buy all things. It especially can’t buy the ultimate peace, joy, and happiness that the soul yearns for once it becomes a member of the body of Christ. It is built that way on purpose. It’s much more pulling on you than a bag of Lays potato chip, but once you get that first taste and see, you will no longer be at peace with just one taste of it. The pull is so great on you because of the power of the unmatched family trade ingredient: for God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son; stop, and say no more. What other contender for your soul loves you so much that it is willing to give you its only begotten anything? The other contenders, and the list varies for each of us, only want from you what you can give to enhance their wants, needs, and desires. God only wants what He wanted from the beginning, and that is our unconditional love. We have nothing else that He needs except for the room to receive all the things that we want, that He’s been trying to give us from the start.

Now here is how the other contenders get game in this competition in the first place. They make offers to you that allow you to pay them in different ways. God, at the Father tier, only accepts payment by one method, and that is through the soul. Let’s say for example, a contender offering you a promotion, can give your soul a happy boost by giving you a much needed raise. And let’s say that your pay back method is to work 30 extra hours a pay period, attend more meetings, while doing this as a newly exempt employee: yippee! Now contender God can get you the promotion also, but if you don’t want all the extra hours, and extra meetings, then what are you going use to pay contender God? Right, your soul. The process with the soul is usually a little slower, but keep this in mind, He may not come when you want Him, but He will be there on time. Now again, you can see why the other contenders can get game: they can get you what they offer quicker, and although you are not really happy, you are doing it the way that most everybody else is doing it. You see, God at the Father tier, may need you to have more time for something that He needs time to set up first. The payment question is can your soul pay the price to wait? Your soul may see Billy move on with your promotion at that time, can you handle the wait for something better that contender God is almost done working out for you. There it goes again, that word almost worked out, the soul does not like that payment method. It wants to be driving that new beamer today, not next year as contender God may have in store working out for you.

Let’s finish this with some sports talk since the NBA playoffs are off and running. Here we go, defense wins championships, we see it over and over how a team can make a run just by shutting down the other team’s offense with greater defense. Well, to win this championship with God at the Father tier, you are going to have to shut down your will and replace it with His will: it’s the only way to win it. If not the other contenders will continue to run their game through you, and you will continue eating from their bag of chips until you replace that contender with another contender to do the same thing all over again. And let’s say for argument sakes that you are only accepting offers from contender God, but only at the “Word” tier. You will still have to step it up and play championship shut down my will relationship transition to execute the Father’s will to win. Listen, Jesus’ soul had its most anguishing time period when He had to put down His will in the garden to prepare for the Father tier transition. There was no more time for a “Word”, there were no more moves for the “Holy Ghost”, it was now that the time and season of the father was at hand: working it out was over. It was time for Jesus to die, and He did.

Fathertime is upon us now, and Father is looking for those willing to pay Him with their soul, and take the championship home! It’s Fathertime!

Stay Tune,
Adopted Son

About Adopted son

I went right to college after high school, and earned my B.S. in Business and Commerce with a major in Marketing Research. While I have worked in the Business world most of my life, I was also spending much time growing, maturing, and developing in the Godhead within the Body of Christ. I founded, established and operated in the evenings a Christian based leadership, and Godhead fulfillment consulting group. I also served for years as a leader on the Church board, and ministry staff. My time in ministry with the Full Gospel Business Men, as well as my other engagements, allowed me to see how people of like faith can receive different results in the word depending on the faith activity in which the individual person believes. There are many options of faith substance made available to us in a faith operation, and we need to move into the faith substance in which we believe in accordance with the word of God in which we are standing. My current and long time ongoing mission is to highlight the greatness of my "Heavenly Father," and the mighty power that He has given to His sons and daughters to use here on earth as they move to fulfill the Godhead. We the members of the Body of Christ leave much of our hundred fold on the table simply because we don't fulfill the Godhead unto the Father. Once we take the Word to full faith, it is not over. So let's go for the greater fold, and fulfill the Godhead. And to be a Global Resource Director, I can afford to leave no fold on the table. Adopted son,
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