Father-time is Now-time: 2 edited

I am pulling out another one of my “bring it to pass” journal entries from when we were looking to reduce the day care expense for one of our children.  This journal entry was made just 15 days after the birth of my son who is now 6 years old.  I can see why day care was on our mind.  I’ve kept journals of my day-to-day events since 1990.  It is great looking back, and being able to understand to some degree what was going on at any given time.  Anyway, I’m using the day care entry example because the schematics are simple, and it will allow you to easily follow the process at every level of the God head.  Once you are assured of your moves in simple matters, you will express the same as surety on the more significant matters when they matter the most.  In general people already understand the natural part of an example like this.  They will tell you to just look around until you find the place that fits your budget.  Well yeah, but is the place that just fits your budget necessarily the place that fits everything else that you need for your child, and for the harmony of your existence?  If you get into the practice of walking out every word that you are  “bringing to pass” in the fullness of the God head, you will create the habits that will allow you to come into the understanding of the spiritual part at the time you need it.  Walking out the natural side, and the spiritual side of your word properly, and simultaneously is where lies the harmony, rhythm, and power that you must have to enjoy your life.

So, just like you have seen from previous journal entries, and exactly like you will want to do in your real life encounters, look around in your garden\your world to make selections that will be the seed that Father uses to supply your need.   Make sure that you apply faith that you believe in.  Don’t go doing things that you doubt (Matthew 21:21) just because they may be available for you to exercise.  They will not work out when all is said and done.  Remember how Jesus took the two fish, and five loaves that were in his garden\his world at the time the need became apparent.  That small lunch that belonged to the little boy became the seed to supply the need.   Jesus had other options (go buy food, send them home to eat, and more) as you will have also, but he knew that they were not the best options for what he needed to accomplish.  This is another reason why we walk through the process of the fullness of the God head: to find out what is best, and good for the situation at hand.  Jesus was given the fullness of the God head bodily as part of his make-up: you and I are not, but thank God that we do have access to all of that which is of God through the God head.  It pleased the Father to give Jesus the fullness of the God head bodily, and this is how Jesus knew the best decisions to make without processing it out.  We have to walk the matter out through the fullness of the God head for it to become part of our bodies to perform.  The Father is here now because it is time for the body of Christ to walk in this fullness “now.”  This pleases the Father as well.

As you know from Genesis 2:8-9, God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and put Adam into the garden to dress it, and to keep it.  God also out of the ground made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food.  The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The same model is at work today.  The difference is that your Garden is still physical, but your power supply, and inventory supply are kept and dressed in spiritual warehouses.  Now you must walk into the supply warehouses spiritually, and bring what you need from the inventory to where you are in the natural realm.  Adam’s natural was his spiritual before he disobeyed God: there was no sin so there was no need for distinction.  Once Adam and Eve had sinned, they lost their access to the warehouse: they were kicked out of their Garden.  They still had direction, and they still had results from their labor, but the “now” times and season of harvest from the fullness of God was no longer available for them to access.  We can all be happy because Father is here to give that access back to us.  What joy!

Now back to the example of a new day care for my child.  First you always make sure to bring your request to God: prayer\meditation\conversation\however it is that you talk to Him.  You do this to initiate consent that the word you plan to stand on is in the mind of God.  Jesus, who is the word made flesh, will then link you to the God head process for you to walk out that particular word in the fullness of the God head with Father.  This is where the oneness of the God head comes into play.  The Key is this.  Jesus is the word that was made flesh.  Whatever word Jesus consents to, is the word that the God head moves to.  So just as Jesus, the word in the beginning with God, consented to let there be light, and there was light.  Once Jesus now, still the word today with Father, consents to let there be a new day care, there will be a new day care: the word that the God head moves to.  I just have to walk it out as a son.  Now let’s walk it out!

New day care is the word consented from Jesus that the full God head is ready to move on.  I then looked into my garden\my world to see what seeds (my two fish, and five loaves) were there for me to select from to fill my need.   I always advise to pick five from the start if you can.  If you don’t see five at first, pick as many as you can see.  You will see others later if more are needed.  My five seed selections by name were (1) Little Learners, (2) Methodist Training, (3) Cary Presbyterian, (4) Fellowship, and (5) Little Dreamers.  I used information from websites, references, visits, and other sources to select my five that filled my criteria.  You will do the same thing to make your seed selections.  Don’t be concerned if whether or not you pick the best five when you have many selections to choose from.  The key is to select the best five that matches what you are looking for with the information, and personal criteria before you.  This needs to be done in order to give the God head team avenues to start moving the process forward.  It is ultimately the job of Father to bring to pass the best day care available that matches your world, and his will for you.  So no worrying in the word, just walking in the word is allowed.

Let’s take each selection one at a time, and follow each through the process.  Some will process quickly, while some will process at a slower pace.  It all just depends on how the God head needs to move, or not move on your seed selections: (1) Little Learners was selected as a seed because it was right before our eyes.  We went to a clothing sale, and there was a flyer for day care there on display.  You have to put it in your understanding right now not to discount anything, or any movement that lines up with any of your seed selections.  When walking in the word, you have to credit all movements, and activities to one of the God head members: (1) Jesus and Adopted Sons (The consented word), (2) Holy Ghost (The Power: movement), (3) Father (Times and Seasons: operations).   This is how you move along in the process.  This is how the God head works as a unit to bring your word to pass.

Now that the (1) consented word, “new day care,” has already started the process, the flyer being at the clothing sale is going to be credited to (2) the Holy Ghost for having someone bring the flyer that supported the word.  Now we need to take the contact information on the flyer, and make an inquiry about the day care center.  The flyer was an invite to come to an open house to meet teachers, and view the location.  Once we, not Jesus, went to the open house at the day care center, and we spoke with someone, we as adopted sons moved the process to another level under the anointing of Jesus’ consented word.  Remember, it is time for us as sons to do as Jesus would do.  He is in heaven, and he has left us here to walk, and work with Father in his place to bring the word to pass.

After I, and not Jesus, spoke with someone at the day care center,  it was time for the next movement.  The person told us that there were openings available now.  This movement is credited to the Holy Ghost again because the word was moved father along in the process  when the person told us that there were openings.  Now comes the most important move for this seed selection.  We could say yes at this time, and bring to pass the word to have a new day care, but is this the one for us?  We have four other seeds yet to process:  IT IS NOW FATHER- TIME.  Instead of saying yes right now, we will enter into Father’s rest until the process is done.  Father needs us to be patient for a while before bringing this seed to pass.  Until the other seeds are done, we are not sure if Father is done.  Father may have something better to show us once we walk out the other seeds through the fullness of the God head process.  Only He knows if this seed is the best seed for this time, and season.

(2) Methodist Training was my 2nd seed selection.  It was selected because of its location to our job and home.  I, and not Jesus, called Methodist Training on the phone to inquire about its day care.  This is credited to the Jesus\Adopted Sons part of the God head.  Since I’m operating as Adopted Son in Jesus’ stead, under Jesus’ anointing, I get to walk out the word part in the process.  Remember,  the son always does all that he can do with the natural before handing the baton over to the Holy Ghost.  I made an appointment to see the day care the next day.  Yes, I made the appointment as a son, but my team member, the Holy Ghost is credited in the God head because of movement being done by another person, or on an object out side of the son.  You see, I can always move, and control me, but we need the power of the Holy Ghost to move and control that which is outside of me.

My wife, and I kept the appointment to come, and visit the facility.  The Son gets credit for this advancement in the process because once again, I can control me.  I can get me there to the appointment.  I can walk that part of the word in the process without the power of the Holy Ghost.  Now here is where the Holy Ghost working in unity with the Son comes back into play.  The day care had an opening, and offered it to us.  Who can control the offering of that spot?  That’s right, now you’re getting the hang of it.  The Holy Ghost can control the movements of others, or objects outside of the control of the Son.  Although the spot was made to be open, or to stay open by a member of the God head, Father still has to reveal if this is his best will for me.  You see, as I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, we know how to walk in the word, and we as a body have developed some skill in the gifts of the Holy Ghost, but our down fall has been moving to early on an incomplete offering of the God head.  Father is revealing himself now so that we can enter into his rest while the full process completes itself.  When you move to early, the thing that you take, is not the thing that God had for you.  So you end up with a temporary band-aid, and not the all complete cure-aid.  The Son part of the God Head (Jesus\Adopted sons), and power\movement part of the God Head (Holy Ghost), have walked out the process on two of the seeds.  IT IS NOW FATHER- TIME AGAIN: I WILL ENTER INTO HIS REST AGAIN UNTIL THE REST OF THE SEEDS ARE PROCESSED.  This is where your development in the fruits of the spirit will help you out tremendously.  Show the patience, and faith that you have developed to buy Father the time He needs to bring to pass that which is best for you.

(3) Cary Presbyterian was my 3rd seed.   Another day care chosen as a seed because of its location.  This one processed quickly.  I called to inquire, but no one answered the phone.  So I left a message with my information to call me back (Son credit).  Now that I’ve called the day care, and left a message, I will wait to see how the Holy Ghost will move on this seed.  Here is another key to the process when you have to wait between the God head movement: Father-time always come into play between moves of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost if producing patience is required.  When you have to show patience, always move into the rest of Father.  Entering into Father’s rest while waiting on the next move allows you to become in sync with the Times, and Seasons which belong to the Father.  This is how ,and when you allow loss time, and previous missed opportunities to be redeemed: resting in Father between God head movements allows Father to correct the things that we have thrown out of sync while doing life.

I only had to show a little patience here.  The day care center called me back 24 hours later to say that no spots were available (Holy Ghost credit).  IT IS NOW FATHER- TIME AGAIN: I WILL ENTER INTO HIS REST AGAIN UNTIL THE REST OF THE SEEDS ARE PROCESSED.

(4) Fellowship was my 4th seed.  I called to inquire, but no one answered the phone.  So I left a message with my information to call me back (Son credit).  Now that I’ve called the day care, and left a message, I will rest in Father while I’m waiting to see how the Holy Ghost will move on this seed.  Read the explanations  again from example 3 above to keep clarity as we move along from this point in this example.

I never did hear back from this seed (Holy Ghost credit).  So I just continued to rest in Father on this seed with no worries or concern until the full processed was complete.

(5) Little Dreamers was the 5th, and final seed to be processed through the fullness of the God head.  Their website information, and advertisement caught my eye more than in just the usual way (Holy Ghost credit).  I visited the website to check out what they offered, and  to get a feel of how they function.  The website was very good in its presentation of the day care.  This may be the best place out of the previous ones.  I called to check on availability, and to set a time to come see the place (Son credit).   I kept getting a recording on the phone saying that the number was not reachable.  There was an email address on the website, so I sent them an email requesting that someone call me.  After sending the email, I entered into the rest of Father to wait until I heard from my email request.  The next day I received a call from Little Dreamers.  They have one spot open (Holy Ghost credit).   We went to visit the next day (Son credit).  We really liked everything about the place, and the teachers seem to all love being there.  The director of the day care offered the one spot that was open to us (Holy Ghost credit).  The director said that she needed to know if we wanted the spot in the next day or so.  It was now FATHER-TIME AGAIN.  We had put all five seeds through the process of walking them out through the fullness of the God head.  Two of the seeds had been eliminated while going through the process, and there were three seeds left to bring to pass now the consented word from Jesus of having a new day care for our child.  Little Learners, Methodist Training and Little Dreamers day care centers had all made it through the process of the Full God head.  We selected Little Dreamers because it was the one that met all our needs the best, and it gave us the most peace: Father!

This example was easy to follow because of the low amount of spiritual skill required to process it.  Finding a day care is something that most people have done two or three times in their life time.  The key thing here was following the principles of how the God head operates.  I chose a simple day care example so that you could focus on the spiritual principles at play, and not the issue at play.  On my next blog, I’m going to take the issue at play, and bump up the degree of difficulty, but apply the exact spiritual skill level to give you more meat to bite into it.  Keep in mind, the spiritual skill level will remain the same as we grow in walking in the fullness of the God head to bring to pass now the thing that you are declaring.  The thing that will change is the level of the distractions, and urgent importance of the issue you may be dealing with.  It’s easy to walk through finding a day care need, but what about a financial need, health need, relationship need, and on and on?

These tough reasons are why Father is here to give you not only the time, and season to have what you need now when you need it, but to bring you His peace that surpasses all understanding while you are patiently awaiting the next move of the God head to be processed.  We would be like a submarine that went to deep in the ocean if we could not enter into the peace of Father’s rest.  We would shake, rattle and roll before we explode.  Some of the life issues that we deal with takes us deeper than we were built or desire to go.

I will continue to include in my future blogs “bring it to pass” examples from my walk in the God Head journals.   They will help you to get a good understanding of how to walk in the fullness of the God head for yourself.  Father wants us all to have his very best now.  I also have a “bring it to pass” form that I am glad to make available upon request, and brief overview.  After the website is complete, forms and training information will be available online.

Stay Tuned,

Adopted Son

About Adopted son

I went right to college after high school, and earned my B.S. in Business and Commerce with a major in Marketing Research. While I have worked in the Business world most of my life, I was also spending much time growing, maturing, and developing in the Godhead within the Body of Christ. I founded, established and operated in the evenings a Christian based leadership, and Godhead fulfillment consulting group. I also served for years as a leader on the Church board, and ministry staff. My time in ministry with the Full Gospel Business Men, as well as my other engagements, allowed me to see how people of like faith can receive different results in the word depending on the faith activity in which the individual person believes. There are many options of faith substance made available to us in a faith operation, and we need to move into the faith substance in which we believe in accordance with the word of God in which we are standing. My current and long time ongoing mission is to highlight the greatness of my "Heavenly Father," and the mighty power that He has given to His sons and daughters to use here on earth as they move to fulfill the Godhead. We the members of the Body of Christ leave much of our hundred fold on the table simply because we don't fulfill the Godhead unto the Father. Once we take the Word to full faith, it is not over. So let's go for the greater fold, and fulfill the Godhead. And to be a Global Resource Director, I can afford to leave no fold on the table. Adopted son,
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