Fathertime: Life Is Gooood In Father: it’s Powered By Love!

The place where all your hopes, promises, and the desires of your heart can come to pass. I almost said come true, but then I realized that with Father all things are true: they just might not come to pass for everyone. Oh, don’t get me wrong, God is not a respecter of persons. He wants all of us to walk in our land of milk and honey. However, for those who are not a respecter of Love, how can they be powered by that which they do not know? One can not walk in the power of Father unless there be the willingness to walk in the clothing of His Love. Adam and Eve traded the Love clothing line in for the disobedience clothing line, and the truth of their land of milk and honey passed away from them.

The Body of Christ has matured now, and most of the members of the body, including you and me, have a great opportunity to walk at the level of Father. It hasn’t been easy getting to this point, and it has taken a long time in the process for it to happen, but I am so glad to have this opportunity along with many of you to go for it. I know I didn’t come this way as a Christian just to get to heaven. That was the main reason, but I want to have life, and have it more abundantly. There have been, there are, and there will be more members of the Body of Christ to come that will be happy just to make it into heaven one day off into the future. I am not guilty of that desire only. This walk has cost too much not to have all that Jesus died for on my behalf for me to have while here on earth. Speaking of here on earth, in John 10:10, the scripture says “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Jesus didn’t die just to give us eternal life, but He also died to give us more earthly life, and to show this life to those that don’t know Him. Well, the truth be told, it appears on the surface for the most part that those that don’t know Him maybe living a tad bit better in the abundant area by the numbers. Father knows for many of you that He has your heart, and your joy. Now He wants your heart to have more than a happy hope of things to come: He wants you to have a “Happy Now”!

How do you get to walk with Father at the level of a Son as Jesus did back in His day? Most of us have already placed ourselves in position by our maturity in walking in the “word” already, and showing that we can move in the power of the “Holy Ghost” already. Then what is left? Jesus is left. Well what do you mean, Jesus is left?
In John 14:6, Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. First of all, one can not even get unto the Father until cleared by Jesus for entry into that level. This is not set up to keep you from that level, but to protect you until you are ready to handle the responsibility that comes with walking with Father. When you walk as a mature son with the Father, the trampoline is removed from beneath the high wire. There is no net to catch you when you fall; and when you fall, you fall all the way back to the floor in that particular area of activity. For example, Moses didn’t lose Heaven, but he lost the promise land; King David didn’t lose the trophy of the man after God’s heart, but he lost the right to build God’s house; Adam didn’t lose God’s fig leaf protection and covering, but he did lose his relationship with God to name all things whatever he would have them to be named; and we will not lose our salvation if we are blessed with the opportunity to come unto the Father, but we will lose whatever our hearts desire was at the time we chose to disobey Father. We know from Jesus that a son always does what it is that the Father wills, and not what it is that the son wills. In John 6:38 Jesus says, “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.” If you are one of those that have to have your own will done when it counts the most, then I highly recommend that you mature more as an individual before you desire to walk at the Father’s level.

Now Jesus is not standing there WAVING those forward that qualify to walk with Father, but He is there PROCESSING those forward that qualify to walk with Father. Some will qualify, but in the end they can come up short in their walk with the Father if they are not powered by Love. First the qualifier, in John 1:1-3, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Verse 2, the same was in the beginning with God. Verse 3, all things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” In order to walk with Father to bring His “will” to pass, you must first bring the “word” concerning that “will” to its fulfillment: you must do all you can with the resources you have while moving with the Holy Ghost to exhaust the word to its end. As stated in verse three, all things were made by the word; and without the word not anything will be made. Therefore, by the time you are ready to walk at the Father level, you will have walked in the word so much that if you were victorious in your walk, you will have a good chance to walk victorious with Father. Jesus will process you to the Father level at that point. The word can not come to pass until it connects with the times and seasons that are in the hand of Father. You may walk in the word to your death, but if you don’t walk the word into its time and season, well you call that working the word on commissions. You will eventually get paid for your work, but not today.

Next after the qualifier comes one of my favorite terms, and realizations: Powered By Love. The one thing that we learn as we process our walk in the “word” along with our movements with the “Holy Ghost” is how to love and be loved by one another. At times the “word” processes at a snail’s pace while the “Holy Ghost” hovers around patiently looking at the clock: you know that He’s always right on time! These frequent occurring patterns in the life of a Christian will make you love, and be loved by those around you: familiarity also tends to employ a greater level of tolerance allowing love to abound. The members of the body of Christ that are not ready to walk with Father will continue to develop toward that goal, but until then the body of Christ will provide all the processing needed to walk in victory. Jesus was giving the fullness of God from the beginning, so He can release that part of Father to us on our level until we mature enough to go to Father on our own. Most members of the body have chosen the path of keeping the trampoline underneath them vs stepping out to operate as a mature son at the Father level. Jesus has all power so He can provide for the body at this level until He returns. We need to have more members ready to leave the measured results within the body, and step up to the Father level where there is no limits: nothing but big boys out on this level.

This was so brilliant of God to set up the levels of power to accommodate each individual member’s level of growth, and maturity. Can you imagine a three-week old convert, and a twenty year seasoned member trying to feed at the same level. If the three-week old slips up, or a member that’s been slow to mature comes up short, Jesus is right there to comfort at the needed level. Now at the Father level, you rely on relationship. You have done it within the Body so many times, and experience the love that comes from victory so many times; it’s like Jesus just says to you, now go do this same thing with my Father, but do it without a net or trampoline. The rewards are much because the level of love required to succeed is greater than here safe in my bosom. Once you process a “word” to come to pass with Father, He expects you to do whatever it takes to be there representing that “word” in bodily form as Jesus once did until He shows up with the time and season to make it happen. You can’t look back at Jesus for help when out on this limb, you are the Son looking forward to finishing the work with Father in the way His Son always did with Him. Powered by Love with the Father simply means that you have come to know that no matter what hot spot you may find your self in, all is well. Like a surfer, you just tuck yourself in the funnel powered by the water, and you ride it on in: just tuck your self in the activity going on powered by the love, and you ride it on in! Your fruits of the spirit are so developed by this time that you can be patient 10 years without a sweat if that’s the time Father planned to be in your orbit with the time and season to make it happen. Powered by Love also means that you are at full faith in your maturity: while in the Body you showed Jesus that you were the Duracell Faith Bunny. You may have tried something 10 times, but because you are at full faith, you are ready with full excitement to move on it 10 more times if necessary: Elijah once checked for rain seven times, Elisha was upset at King for striking ground with arrows only three times, etc. All you know at this level Powered by Love is that it is going to come to pass, it’s just a matter of time. Be at full faith by keeping the “word” alive as long as it takes to manifest. And because you are so well-trained, you know to keep watch to see if the initial “word” that you have already exhausted, repositioned to stand more exhausting. And finally, being Powered by Love at the Father level means that you are at full trust: meaning that no matter what comes forth for you to eat from all those good fine people trees of the knowledge of good and evil, you are able to trust what came forth for you to eat from the tree of life as Father directed.




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Fathertime: Father Manifests To Bring Evidence To The Word.

Hey Bill, wait up, I’ve been trying to catch up with you for the last three blocks. Bill replies, I heard someone calling my name, but I didn’t see anyone trying to wave me down. Well in the beginning from the first block was me, and that word you heard to be near and dear to you was me, and that word that you couldn’t see coming from anyone nearby trying to wave you down was with me. The same word was there back in the beginning of the first block with ME. I knew I wasn’t in position for you to see ME yet, but I knew that once you heard MY word, it would let you know that it was ME. This little mini-story explanation of a friend trying to catch up with another friend on behalf of the ONE that sent him, betrays that the role is being played by four different characters. Since we have seen this script play out in its entirety on a spiritual level, it is clear to us that these roles are all being played by one character.

Now where have we seen this play out spiritually before to where all roles are basically being manifested from the one? Let’s see, ah, God. In John 1:1-2 it says, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Verse 2, The same was in the beginning with God. And we also need to add Bill’s role from the above paragraph. Bill’s role can be found a little farther down in John 1:14, And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. It’s easy to see three of the characters roles coming from the one source of God. The word of God, the spirit of God, and the will of God all make up the one unified God. For example, Let’s say God’s will is for it to be light. We know this to be His will because the word of God will come forth to reveal it to us as God wills it. Then the spirit of God will move on what the word of God reveals to bring it to pass. It’s like when the one me becomes hungry, and I want to eat. If I’m depending on people like God does since the creation of Adam, I can’t just keep my will to eat all to myself. I will not get my will revealed to others if there are no words coming forth to say what it is that I want to happen. So the one me must now reveal my will to eat by saying it out loud to someone other than myself. Then the same one me will use my powerful resources like money, car, kitchen, or whatever I need to move on to bring to pass food for me to eat. Yeah, God had it going on before He included man in the equation. He could just will it, reveal it, and be done sealing it all it one motion. Now, with us in the picture, it’s no telling when His will may come to pass with us having to unify all the movements.

Now back to how Bill’s character comes from the same source as the other three: the word, the spirit, and the will of God. As mentioned earlier, John 1:14 says, And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. Bill is representing Jesus in the mini-story explanation stated in paragraph one. The “word” of God which is God, and was with God was made to be flesh. So we can easily see how the spiritual trinity, and the physical begotten son all play a different role, but all come, and make up the one God. Bill was sent here to establish, and show us in the physical how the body of Christ will need to walk in the power of the unseen God. Jesus came as God in bodily form, but He walked out his purpose in the power of the unseen God as do you and I. Jesus is no longer here in the physical, but He left us with access to the fullness of God to walk in spirit and in truth.

God had prepared for Jesus to come to us from the beginning of time. You can see that the spirit birthing of Jesus had already taken place way before the time and season even came to make the “word” flesh and send Him. I like how God carried the spirit Jesus around with Him concealed within the bosom of His “word” so He would know how to operate as one with the fullness of God once He took on flesh form. If you look closely at the scripture again in John 1:1-2 where it says, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Verse 2, The same was in the beginning with God. In verse 2 where it says “the same was in the beginning with God,” the same what was in the beginning with God, all the things that was stated in verse 1. The “word” had already been made equal with God by having the fullness of God given to the “word” concealing the spirit of Jesus in the beginning. God did not wait for the time to come when the “word” would become flesh to give the physical Jesus all power. He gave the spirit Jesus (concealed in His Word) the fullness of God in the beginning, again, preparing the way to extend the one unified God to us on earth years later.

In Colossians 1:19 it says, For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell; and in Colossians 2:9 it says, For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. You see how it pleased God to give Jesus the fullness of the Godhead bodily: but when did this all happen? It happened in the Beginning. John 1:1 says In the beginning the “word” was God, and Jesus was the “word” made flesh. Then if the “word” was God in the beginning, and the “word” was made Jesus in the flesh later, then Jesus was given the fullness of God from the beginning. Jesus then came and walked this earth as a man, and not as a God. He wanted to leave the model with us on how to walk in the power of spirit, and truth: the unseen God.

Here’s what Jesus, and the Father needs from the Body of Christ now. Let’s first replace Bill in my mini-story explanation above with your own name. Jesus has left the building. He is physically no longer with us, but alive and well, in spirit and in truth. Here’s the catch. You and I, however, we are here in bodily form. Jesus needs us to walk in the power of God in bodily form as He did in His example, and model given to us. The Body of Christ has grown-up, and it is at maturity. Jesus, and Father needs us to operate as such. If Jesus was here physically, we have a good idea of how He would operate based on scripture record keeping of His actions, activities, and feats. It is now our time to bring it home. Remember how Jesus told the Apostles not to go forth with their commission until they received the promise. If they had went forth with the word of God only, they would not have had the power to bring it to pass. They were now the Bill in the mini-story explanation just like we are today. We in the Body today are no longer waiting for the promise, we’ve had the promise for a very long time. What we are waiting for now is just closure to many promises that we have been waiting on God to close out favorably on our behalf.

What you’ve really been waiting to hear from Jesus, and His Father is the direction to change how you see things working out spiritually. It’s like a dance, one person usually follows the lead of the other. God needs us to change the lead that we are following. The word we believe in, and the power to bring it to pass has been our focus. We have used, and followed both to maturity. We have reached a stall because the “word” and the “Holy Ghost” are ready to unify with the Father who has the times and seasons in His control. Father needs you to follow His lead now. The “word” and “Holy Ghost” power needs us to follow Father’s lead now to make God’s action all unified as the one God. Remember, Jesus is the unified God, but that only worked when He was here with us. Darn, the Apostles didn’t really have to fast, and stuff until He left. Once the bridegroom physically left, we had to operate within the Godhead of the unseen Spirit of God. We will keep our maturity in the “word”, we will keep our maturity in the power of the “Holy Ghost” as well, but now we will look for Father to lead us to closure. There comes a time when we must not only have a good talk, but we must show that it was more than just talk. The time is now to bring to pass the “word” of God, in the power of the “Holy Ghost” as Father unifies the action of the one God. Jesus knew how to unify the spirit of God because He was God. You and I took a lot longer to get to this spot than Jesus, but He had an advantage since from the beginning.

So let’s follow Father’s lead, and do as Jesus would do, make Father proud you’re a son. Keep what you have built-in God. Everything is built precept upon percept, and line upon line. It is now time for the percept, and line of Father. As of today follow Father’s lead: OPERATE LOOKING TO CLOSE THE DEAL. NO LONGER OPERATE TO WAIT. FOCUS ON OPERATING FOR CLOSURE. THE TIMES AND SEASON TO BRING TO PASS ALL OF YOUR LONGING PROMISES AND DESIRES ARE SIMPLY IN FATHER’S CONTROL. FATHER WANTS YOU TO HAVE IT ALL, BUT YOU MUST ACT LIKE YOU ARE HIS SON. STOP LOOKING TO HAVE IT ALL, AND HAVE IT ALL!




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Fathertime: The Body Needs Its Father.

How many of you have had a physical since, lets say first grade? A lot has changed with you since way back then hasn’t it? And it’s not like only a few things have changed since you had that first check-up, no, everything has changed since that first check-up. You don’t even look like that big bundle of joy from way back when. If we didn’t have medical records, paper trails and those gorgeous baby pictures, these days you could have passed for just about anyone. The point, just like the physical body changes as it develops, and matures; the spiritual Body of Christ changes as it develops, and matures. The Apostle Paul once agonized over having to feed us the milk of the word. Let me tell you now, feeding us the milk of the word today would be like committing severe deprivation of spiritual nutrition: after all these years, it would be an extreme form of spiritual malnutrition. It’s Fathertime: The Body of Christ needs its Father NOW!

Listen, our physical body grew and developed to where it is because of the many things that were provided to it. Our food changed as our body changed. The clothes that most of us wear changed in size, and style. Those of sound mind and body will not be taking third grade math when they enter into college. You know what I am saying. The spiritual body of Christ is waiting for more of its members to help it become the power house on earth that it is supposed to be. I remember when my son would sit in his stroller at the bowling alley waiting for his day to come: years later he waits no more. He has a curve, like many of you, that will hug that side lane until it’s time to whip right over to the spot on the head pin that he desires: that wait is over for him. Now, the body of Christ has been waiting for its day to come: years later we are still waiting. Why are we still waiting you may ask. We have allowed the body to remain deprived of our greatest nutrition, Father. We are fat on the “Word” and “Spirit” of God, but we have not allowed Father to be what He needs to be to the Body of Christ. The Body Needs Its Father Now.

This is all great for the body because it will allow us to receive more of what we have been proclaiming for years. Listen, God is really all that and every bag of chips, but we haven’t learned how to open up them chips. Father is simply closure: He brings an end to all that we are hoping for. He is the manifestation of all our hopes and desires. I know the thing that confuses everyone is when we speak of Jesus, and the Father as if they were separate, and different. Well, Jesus is the first, and will be the last to talk about his Father as being one and the same. However, Jesus is also the first, and will be the last to talk about his Father working with him, and doing what He sees His Father do as two would do. Jesus is always first to say that sitting on either side of Glory is not His to decide. Jesus also will be the first to say that He is not good, that there is but one that is Good. Jesus will remind you that He was not here to do His will, but to do the will of His Father. Jesus will be quick to tell you that the times and the seasons are in the hand of the Father:it goes on and on. Although Jesus will tell you that when you see Him, you have seen the Father; Jesus will also be the first to tell you what makes them different. Jesus, the Word, was made flesh, and given the fullness of God by his Father. God, the Father, on the hand is all spirit, and was the fullness of God from the beginning.

A good lawyer could present a strong case either way that Jesus is God now, replacing his Father on the throne, or that they are one with separate origins. In all of Jesus’ love talks of him and his Father, there is the one thing that Jesus clearly identifies as the thing that separated the two when Jesus was on earth. And this is the one thing that gives us power to walk as sons while on earth. In Matthew 19:17, And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. What makes Jesus with no sin say that there is none good including himself? We are talking about Jesus here, right? Well it’s referenced in many scriptures in the bible, but this is the one I refer to the most by the Apostle Paul. In Romans 7:18, For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not. When Jesus was here on earth, like you and I, in our flesh dwelleth no good thing. Since God is the only one that is good as Jesus referenced in Matthew 19:17, the difference between the two is that one was spirit, and the other was flesh.

When Jesus would say to His Apostles that when you see me, you see the Father. Since Jesus was given the fullness of God by His Father, you have identical twins with the same authority except for position: the son will not trump His Father. We have the one God now which is the same in both the seen and the unseen. Jesus came down as a man and left the model for us to follow on how to walk in the power of Father, the unseen God. This is easy to get since we all know that God was only all spirit before He sent his only begotten son. Father even spoke to His son when John baptized Jesus. So here it is, you and I are here on earth. Jesus is in heaven interceding for us daily, and preparing for our reunion. You and I must consume more of our greatest nutrition, Father, and help make the Body of Christ what it is supposed to be. We have consumed the “Word” until we are fat, and we have moved in the “Spirit” mostly receiving great joy. It is time now to give the Body of Christ more of what it needs, and wants. It is time to stop waiting on the “Word” and the “Spirit” to do more than they should. It is time to do as Jesus did when He was here, and step into the “Will” of Father with the power of the “Word” and “Spirit” at our side. They are only meant to do so much, then the times and season that are in the hands of the Father will put closure to the thing if we would man up.

I will end with this example. We must experience the power to know that it does exists. Listen and forgive me if necessary, but we have to use this power when we are on our feet. God is a good God, so when you are down and out, of course He has your attention by default. We need to give Him full attention when we are not down and out. I’ve been blessed most of my life with great health, Jobs, friends, and just not needing stuff. My only trying time was when I went through my wilderness journey in order to know that He is God. Talk is cheap, but putting your money where your mouth is when your back is against the wall is a different animal, especially if you got resources that you can call down if desired. So part of my training in the early days of my walk included an eviction notice. After this was all done, and father had put closure to it, I found myself in a meeting with two pastors. And what subject do you think came up? Yes, we started talking about evictions somehow. Yeah, God’s will was the somehow. Anyway, we discovered that all three of us had received an eviction notice. Now here is where the members of the Body is getting fat on the “word” and “Spirit” while not taking the greatest nutrition of “Father.” Like me, the Pastors in that meeting fed on the “word” like God shall supply all my needs. They also believed like me that they had moved with the “Spirit” to be positioned by Him for victory. The Pastors said that they waited for God to move up until the day before the eviction date, then moved out before the deputies showed up since God had not provided a way by that time. I told them that I didn’t know any better, and stayed until the dated day when four big deputies showed up at my door. You see, the way I see faith is being prepared to go to the death, not just being prepared to go until I get uncomfortable. How do you know if God will do it if you run before He can prove Himself. This post would get much longer if I told how it all went down for me once I opened the door to the deputies, but I will tell you that my eviction was called off. The Pastors did tell me that they wished that they had stayed and faced theirs also. Once again, it’s easy to say that when the rubber in not meeting the road. We say all kind of great things when there is nothing at stake.

It is time for Father. Just remember that the “word” we stand on, along with the movement of the “spirit” that we move in, neither contain the closure that we seek. The times and season for closure is in the hand of Father. We need to stop moving away from the fight, and step into the fight with Father for Him to release our time and season.

I Love This Walk!!!

Stay Tune,
Adopted Son

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Fathertime: Repairing Natural Mess-ups.

You’ve heard it said over and over that what God has for me, He has for me. I do agree with that word and concept mostly except the part that leaves out what happens when we mess-up in the natural to the spiritual plan that would provide what He has for us to come to pass. You remember how God initially had Moses entering into the promise land until Moses messed-up the spiritual plan in the natural. How Adam and Eve were set up for life in the garden until they let life unset them in the natural with one bite of knowledge. Now don’t forget the King who was always after God’s heart desiring to build a house for God, but this King was also always desiring in the natural to the point it messed-up the promised spiritual plan. I have to pause and ask us, what are we messing-up in the natural to the point where it affects the spiritual promised plan from God?

We have to be careful when we handle the things of God. There is a time and place for all things, but we usually only get the one time and season to handle God’s promised things. Father told me years ago that everything is just an imagination until it is in my possession. He also told me to always act as though I don’t have it yet so that my next action would be based on substance from reality. And don’t confuse doing those things that be with calling those things which be not as though they were: calling is fine because it is scripture, but calling those things that be not as they were is different from acting on an imagination. We miss the promise many times because we make decisions based on that which does not exist. Now faith is the “substance” of things hoped for, it’s not the hope of things hoped for. Our faith by activity gathers the substances in our grasps that will be used to bring to pass that which we hoped for. It is the responsibility of the Holy Ghost to attempt to move us, and the substances needed into a crossing path. Then it is up to us to be aware that the substance crossing our path is what we’ve been hoping for and grab it.

Many of the Prophet Nathan’s words from God to King David remained in the realm of the unseen, or imaginations if you will because they never worked out that way. King David never rested from his enemies, and he was not allowed to build the promised House of God to name a couple of things. The good news for us is that we have an opportunity to have our mess-ups repaired, and not remain in the realm of the unseen as imaginations. It is almost impossible to not make a mess up in the natural that throws us off the game plan that God put us on. And thank God that most of us do not carry the level of responsibility as a Moses, King David, or Adam and Eve: but we still have to deal with mess-up control at our individual levels. This is where Father comes to the rescue to repair the mess-ups so that we can still have what He has planned for each of us. Listen everyone, Jesus is interceding in prayer everyday on our behalf. He’s the reason that we have already won this fight, but life on earth is still going forth for us here, not in heaven yet. Our victory here on earth has already been carved out like a puzzle, but we have to work it out together with God. If you look in the mirror, you will see you, but you will not see the God that’s standing by your side. You have to know that God is with you, and then trust Him.

Who else did the original Apostles and followers see every time they looked at Jesus? They saw the Father: Jesus told them that whoever has seen Him has seen the Father. We can’t feel lost because we can’t see Jesus when we want to so badly. The Father is here to repair, and help us put the pieces of our puzzle together. How can the Father be here? He has always been here: He is the invisible God. He and His son are identical because it pleased God to give to Jesus the same fullness of the Godhead that He contained. So now, learn to work with Him hand in hand by seeing Him spiritually when He shows you through natural substances. The word is your connection to seeing Father. When you see the word come to pass, you are seeing the presence of the invisible God, Father. The times and seasons will always end up with the word in order for it to come to pass. Put your repair order in today, and watch for movement toward your word. So you are off course? You stop helping move the word now, and wait for the movement that you are hoping for, then move. If you slow your roll, and let the Holy Ghost kick in His roll, you will soon be rolling toward the times and seasons of Father for full repair. It’s like shadow dancing with God, but the “Moving Substances” represent God’s shadow: Now you dance or follow His shadow (moving substances with roots to your word), and you will be dancing and following right up to the Father. Repair Done: Fathertime!!

Stay tune,

Adopted Son

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Fathertime: Money Answereth All Things, After…

Money answereth all things after all things else have been answered. I know that in Ecclesiastes 10:19, the scripture says that “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.” We have thought from the beginning, and it’s only the natural thing to do, that if I only had more money all of my problems would be answered. That conclusion has proven not to be true throughout history. There are very rich people taking their lives everyday simply because money does not, and can not answer all things. I must be honest with you, I will receive all the money that Father has in store for me, but I no longer share the mental processing of the multitude that money answers all things. Matter of fact, if you look closely at that scripture, the understanding from it is just the opposite. It even sets us up with clear examples to leave us with no doubt about the relationship of God with money. It says a feast is made for laughter. Well, that make sense because you throw a party or feast to celebrate an event that is already in the spirit of joy. You don’t celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, valentine’s day or what have you with expectations of becoming gloomy. And that scripture also says that wine maketh merry. Again that makes sense because that is what wine does: both already sad people as well as already happy people will drink wine expecting to be made merry as oppose to remaining sad or being made sad. Here is the part of that scripture that you have to just use your basic grammar from English. When we flow to the money example, the scripture says, “: and but,” as to say with money don’t apply the same thinking as you did with the other two examples. Money only answers all the problems that only money can answer after you bring all else to me. So wine can make all merry, a feast is only set in the spirit of laughter: but money only answereth all things left for money after all things else have been answered.

When Jesus had to render tribute to Caesar with money, He sent Peter to the water vault to retrieve the answer. Jesus didn’t show many examples of answering many things with money. There were many back in Jesus time on earth that spent all they had trying to answer all things, but to no avail until they came unto Him. Let’s go back to a time even before Jesus to look at how money still did not answer all things until all things else have been answered. Moses lead the people out of Egypt just loaded with money given to them by their slave masters, but they kept more problems going on than money could ever answer. In their case, they wanted more food, so God rain down bead from Heaven. He answered with more than they could eat to prove if they would walk in His ways. So they had all the money, and all the food, but did not have all the trust in God that was necessary for money to answer all things.

We should be living our daily lives as sons of God receiving answers from the Father’s answer vaults to all things as the need arises. Then Just like Jesus did with Peter, money from your hands will be available to answer all the other things that only money can answer. Father wants us to know Him so well that all of these non-money problems are solved through His ways, leaving few things to be solved by actual money. The children of Israel left Egypt wealthy with real tangible money, and they were not yet full of faith or trust. Just imagine what is stored up for those that come to the Father with both faith and trust. Our problem today to the money solution is that we are trying to get it the same way that the world gets it. There is a special order placed for each son of God that depends on the ways of God to bring it to pass. Yes, you have to work, we all do, but that is a partial plan for solving the few things left over after all things else have been answered by the Father. If you remember the child’s movie called “Turbo,” you got to stop racing like a car, and start racing like a snail. In other words, you got yo stop running this race like the world runs their race, and star running this race like a Son of God.
It’s Fathertime!!!!

Stay Tune,

Adopted Son

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Fathertime: The Road To Father Processes Through Me.

I wasn’t the one who said it. If we look at the red-letter scripture in John 14:6, I can show you who said it, and the way He said it. First of all let’s end the mystery, ok, it was Jesus that said it. We know that Jesus was already the “Word” from the beginning before the “Word” became Jesus. Then it had already been agreed on by the Godhead that the “Word” would be made flesh and be sent to us as the only begotten son of God through the virgin Mary. Now, even back before God had a son to become a Father, all roads to the “Will” of God processed through the “Word” first. In John 1:3, All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. Fast forward to today, the road to the “Will” of God still must process through the “Word” of God.

It was much easier to process the “Will” of God back before the “Word” became flesh. Now be it, Jesus still made it look easy because He was the “Word” and “God” all in the flesh. Jesus operated as a man using the power of God, and not as God using the power of God, but He knew that all He was doing to be so true. Now in the beginning, God would reveal His “Will” to the world by His “Word.” Then His Spirit with “Power” would move on what was made known by His “Word” to bring it to pass. It was just a beautiful process of unity by the one unseen God. Think of your self dealing with only yourself. In your vast mind full of many things, you decide your will for today. Then in order to have cooperation and awareness of what it is that you want done, you speak it to all of the people that’s in your world. Now with this acknowledgement, all of your “will” can be moved on with your “power” and be made, but without your “word” to acknowledge your “will” nothing would have been made. The road to having your “will” done had to first be processed through your “word.”

In order to give you an understanding of the complexities that God deals with today in having His “Will” brought to pass in our lives, add everyone you know in your world to your equation stated above. I want you not to only think about dealing with yourself, but think about having to bring to pass your “will” with everyone you know starting out with only your “word” first. Now multiply that to infinity over and over, and you may begin to see why it takes so long for the “Will” of God to come to pass in most of our lives. You see, before Jesus came, God was just I am that I am. He could be what you needed whenever He needed to be: it was all predicated on His “Will”. Even when He used men, they were called only to do His “Will”, or you could be swallowed up by a whale and worst. If you didn’t obey God for only one significant time, you could lead millions to the promise land, but not be allowed to go yourself.

We have a different deal since Jesus came down and saved us. Our salvation is based on our believing on the name of Jesus, and not how we carry out the “Will” of God from day-to-day. We have been given free will to basically process our way to His “Will.” There are things that God required of some of us years ago, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. More than likely, there will be no intentional lighting strikes for our lack of compliance, but that means there will be no bringing to pass some of those same promises received in prayer years ago. Yeah, in this new deal after Jesus, God hands are literally tied to our belief in His ability to bring to pass His “Word.” Here’s the problem for us, our hands are literally tied to how much we believe in our ability to access God’s full arsenal of power as in the example that Jesus left behind for us to follow. It still all starts with the “Word.” Yes you have free will, but God needs you to put your free will into faith activity that matches His “Word” given to you. We have to remember that the road to receiving the “Will” of God still process first through His “Word.” Free will or not, without processing your faith activity through the “Word” nothing will be made that is waiting to be made. It’s Fathertime!!

Stay Tune,
Adopted Son

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Fathertime: Completes The Spiritual Fullness Of God!

Fathertime completes the Spiritual fullness of God for everyone whose name is not Jesus. Jesus is all God right? We know from the Bible that it pleased His Father to give Jesus the fullness of God. What about us? We only had Jesus with us in physical form for a short period of time, and to be specific, you and I have not ever been around Jesus when He was on earth in physical form. This is where the invisible spirit of God become so vital to us not name Jesus. Jesus is always praying for our success while we are here on earth, but we are the ones that must walk in the power of God that Jesus made available to us. I’m pretty sure that we come up short time, and time again because we expect too little of ourselves. Yes, Jesus has already given us the victory, but you and I must go in our bodily form and walk it out.

Peter and the crew had Jesus on the boat when they were on the stormy sea, and they could reach out and physically touch Him. The last time you were in one of your stormy seas, who did you reach out and touch in the physical? If you were in need of a physical touch, all I know is that there was no Jesus in bodily form there with you to touch. Now don’t go get lost on the point, Jesus left us to go be with the Father, but He did not leave us without the means to carry on. I want you to see the means to carry on that are right at your faithing tips. Did you notice what happened to Peter and the crew after Jesus left to go be with His Father? They were not so much of the world changers as we know they would come to be. Matter of fact, even after receiving the promise of power, they were very slow to get out of Jerusalem to carry on with the work.

It’s a big difference in reaching out and touching God in the physical for results versus reaching out and tapping into the same invisible power with your physical for results. In fairness to the early disciples, they did good to operate as they did with the Body of Christ being in its infant stage. Then they had their leader and founder of this new movement leave them to go govern from the Kingdom. You and I are here at the best of times for the Body of Christ as for as its development stage. The Body of Christ is no longer in the infant stage. We are at the early stages of full maturity, but ready or not here comes Father. Father represents the fullness stage for us not named Jesus. The early members did not have this level of development. It frustrated Paul back in the day to be limited to feeding the milk of the word. The body back in those days were not yet mature in the word, but we are now. The body back in those days were not yet mature in the power of the Holy Ghost, but we are now. The Body back in those days were not yet mature in Father, and neither are we right now. Ready or not Fathertime has come, and we will be glad in it because it completes the fullness of God for everyone not named Jesus!!!

It’s Fathertime!!!!

Stay Tune,
Adopted Son

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